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The Retro Quilter Boogie Nights Pattern Sample Image One

Boogie Nights Quilt
Pattern Tester Amazingness!

Having pattern testers for a new quilt pattern was for me, essential to my process.

My Boogie Nights quilt pattern was my first release and I wanted to not only showcase the options of the pattern, but also the amazing people in the quilting community. They have been a huge help in this release and I have been blown away by each one.

Katie: @kitschandstitchcottonco
Katie did this beautiful transition of retro colours, and left me with my jaw on the floor when she showed me. She backed it with Guicy Guice’s cane print from his Nonna collection to make it even more swoonful.
Michelle: @mlafayette
Michelle tugged at my heart strings with her baby sized Boogie Nights. She mixed vintage fabrics and vibrant colours, making a beautiful and unique version.
Ally: @ghoulsnightin
My girl Ally is actually an amazing cross-sticher, and was my beginner tester. This is her second quilt ever- can you believe it!? She nailed it and made a beautiful spooky version with fabrics from the Spooky and Sweet collection. 
Eve: @instagrhm26
Eve used one fabric only for her quilt top. Her fabulous quilting and the ombre print gives it so much movement and dimension! I would have never thought to only use one fabric and just so floored by Eve’s vision.
Liz: @henryandethel
I knew Liz would do a nod to retro in some sort of way, because we both share a love for that style. I can not believe how perfect her ombre yellow Boogie Nights turned out! Doesn’t it just make you smile?
Tracy: @tracyloukota
I bet you didn’t know Boogie Nights has modular instructions to it! Well Tracy took advantage and made her own baby Boogie! It turned out beautifully!
Lauren: @sewlosew
Lauren did such a cool version with her Boogie Nights quilt. She transitioned her colors from warm to cool in such a gorgeous way. Absolutely stunning Lauren!
Mary: @embercraftcompany
Mary’s “Baby Boogie” is actually, baby approved by her little one; with these bold colours and fun circus backing. I love the quilting done on this Boogie Nights quilt
Tara: @taradoodlequilts
I think Tara had the most interesting fabrics out of all the testers…she has a brussel sprouts print. YUP! And it works so beautifully! Tara is a custom style long armer and I cannot wait to see her Boogie Nights all quilted!
Amy: @amyjohnstonrobertson
My jaw may have dropped when Amy showed me her Boogie Nights quilt featuring Ruby Star fabrics. It is Stunning! I am flattered that Amy loves it so much she’s actually keeping it for herself!

I am so grateful to these wonderful and amazing people. I am floored by their talents and vision. I can’t wait to see your own Boogie Nights! 

Be sure to share all the quilty goodness with my on instagram by tagging @theRetroQuilter #boogienightsquilt #theretroquilterpatterns

Keep it Quilty friends!


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