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Curves aren’t hard.

Curves aren’t hard.

Yes, that’s very true. However I can remember when I first started quilting, thinking of sewing curves would make my brain feel warped and couldn’t comprehend the complexity of not sewing a straight line.

But guess what? Sewing curves are easy. With a little practice, they become easier and more fun to sew. So how do we go about conquering this fear of sewing curves? You jump in!

There are three methods of sewing curves: Pins, Glue and well, using nothing. After some practice I’ve come to love sewing curves without the aids of glue or pins. If using glue, I recommend Roxanne glue, but anything with a fine tip will do.

Regardless of what method you decide to use, essentially you need to focus on the arc portions of the two pieces and lining them up. When you begin sewing you’ll align the two arcs and as you sew you’ll notice that after some stitches you’ll need to align your fabrics again. I suppose the biggest hurdle in sewing curves is understanding how you’re still really sewing the same way you would a straight line. Sew and align is the name of the game when sewing curves. 

Something else to remember is to not really pay attention to the extra fabric. If whatever is flat under the needle, there’s no worries if there are wrinkles elsewhere. Another tip is to lower your stitch length, to lessen the risk of unravelling.

When you reach the ends, things can get tight and you may have trouble aligning your fabrics while trying not to get your fingers injured! My remedy is a pair of serger tweezers. They’re long and can hold tight to those ends with no risk of injury.

Ever hear of slow and steady wins the race? Well I think that applies when getting into your groove of sewing curves. Go slow, go steady, align and repeat. When you first are starting out, larger curves are certainly easier to learn on rather than small tight curves, so go with a pattern that has a larger curve. 

I hope this has helped you understand how sewing curves can be fun and easy! Now you’re ready to give it a try yourself!

Until next time- Keep it Quilty friend!


If you would like a step by step guide using the pinning method, download my free Sewing Curves Guide here: https://theretroquilter.com/sewing-curves/

Patterns available with curves that have some wiggle room to learn: Boogie Nights, Retro Ribbon and Poppin’ Posies are all available in my shop here: https://theretroquilter.com/shop/

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