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Drunkard’s Path Bonus Pattern

It’s a Drunkard’s Path Party!

Two colour drunkard’s path quilt top.

If you’ve been following me for a while or have seen my patterns, you’ve probably noticed I really like drunkard’s path blocks. Drunkard’s path blocks are a quarter of a circle and I just love them. You can do so much with them, and they instantly have a modern and cool vibe no matter what you do with them.

Poppin’ Posies quilt by Amy Johnston Robertson @amyjohnstonrobertson

My Retro Ribbon and my Poppin’ Posies patterns both use a specific drunkard’s path template that I have designed for a slender concave or crust portion of the block, but you can make a drunkard’s path quilt top using any templates, rulers or sizes. In this tutorial I will be referring to the templates I used in my Poppin’ Posies pattern, and the requirements for such.

Retro Ribbon quilt by Katie Brunke @kitschandstitchcottonco

Start by getting everything you need prepped and ready. I used three charm packs and about a yard and a quarter of Kona Natural. Alternatively you can use your scraps, or even cut a layer cake into quarters. 

Cut your charm packs or layer cake using your template “A” as a guide (convex curve) of your template. Next cut all of your template “B” (concave curve) pieces. You should have the same number of both pieces cut.

Cutting template A (convex) pieces.

Next it’s time to sew! Sew all of your drunkard’s path blocks together in whatever method you prefer. Once completed, press your curved seams, and trim if need be. 

When your drunkard’s path blocks are all set, you can mix and match and sew together in pairs. Press these seams to one side. Take two pairs and nest seams together and pin.

Sewing together drunkard’s path pairs.

Sew together and press the seam open. Continue this process until all of your drunkard’s paths are in a block of four with the concave portions set inward.

A finished block.

Now have some fun laying out all of those fun scrappy blocks! Once you’re happy with the layout, sew into rows, followed by sewing your rows into a top. Finally, baste, quilt and bind as you desire. For three charm packs, this yielded a 40″ x 48″ unfinished quilt top

Scrappy charm pack drunkard’s path quilt top.

This is a great way to use up your scraps, get some more use of your templates or even practice a different method of sewing curves. Hope you enjoyed it, friend!

Until next time, keep it quilty!


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