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Got Scraps? Make a Scrappy Binding!

I am one of those quilters who really likes to use up all of my fabric. Regardless of my attempts, scraps accumulate and I’m not exactly a scrappy style of a quilter. Can you relate?

One thing I always enjoy making is scrappy binding. Let me show you how!

To begin you’ll need all of your strips to be the same width. They can vary in length, but the width needs to be consistent. 

After trimming all of your scrappy strips to the same size, we need to attach them together. Place a strip horizontally and to your left with the right side facing up. Take another strip and place it vertically with the right side facing down so the edges are flush.

You can draw a diagonal line from corner to corner to indicate where you are going to sew. Seam tape or machine laser (like  my Babylock has) does the trick too. Sew along the drawn line, corner to corner.

Repeat this process until all of your strips are connected. Take your long beautiful binding over to your cutting station, and trim a quarter inch away from the seams you have just sewn and the “dog ears” from your binding.

Pressing is next. Press all of your seams open. You can do them all at once and go back to press into a single fold binding, or you can press a seam and press into binding and continue on as such. Up to you!

To press into a single fold binding, bring the raw edges together and press. When you’ve completed pressing, get it on your gorgeous quilt to finish that WIP!

Until next time, keep it quilty friend!


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