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Message From Maude

Maude’s First Blog

Hi there, and welcome to my very first blog! Thanks for coming along for the ride.

In these posts you can expect a few things…

  1. Quilting talk. Obvs! That’s why you’re here right!? Awesome. Mostly, I’ll be talking about my collections, upcoming projects and other fun quilting topics because quilting is my jam!
  2. Mom talk – sometimes! I’ve been a Stay-at-Home Mom now for over 6 years, and now with COVID I’m a super Stay-at-Home Mom. My two boys are my life so they’re bound to come up here and there.
  3. Back to Quilting for a mo. (That’s my husband’s abbreviation for a ‘moment’ and it apparently has rubbed off on me…) Eventually, I will be selling products. I have a lot of ambitious and exciting projects in the works, so make sure to stick around to check it out.
  4. Life. Because, well, life.
  5. I dunno man, whatever else I’m feeling that day. (Especially if I’ve had a glass of wine! Ha!)

So that’s it!!! I’m so happy and appreciative that you signed up to read my newsletter. You are not only supporting me as a person but also the little business that I’m working so hard on. Thank you!

Until next time, Quilty friend!


The Retro Quilter

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