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My Journey into Writing Quilt Patterns.

Not all folks have the given talent to write AND design quilt patterns. I had to learn and hone this skill, and I still work on it on a regular basis.

How I got here is a little bit of a story…

The Beginning

When I made the decision to branch into quilt pattern design and writing the first thing I did was get the EQ8 software. This is a quilt pattern design software that’s super fun to play with. But… It’s just that, Quilt Design software. I legit thought EQ8 was some magical program where I got to design quilts and it spit out the pattern complete with instructions.

I know, I know, naive. But this is what I thought, so you can imagine my surprise when I learned this wasn’t the case!

A little after getting EQ8, I saw an Instagram post from a fabric company who was looking for new quilt pattern designers. I inquired, and after sending them some design mock ups with their fabrics, I was approved. 

Working on Retro Daisy on Adobe Illustrator

I told their point of contact I didn’t have any experience in writing a quilt pattern, and I was assured I would get the assistance I needed. And I did, however, it was with a LOT of frustration. Every time I had polished it up and sent it in, my pattern was sent back with red markings all over it where corrections were needed. This back and forth continued for a few weeks until I finally had a pattern that could be published. 

Here’s the thing…

I did this on my own with zero direction and had thought I wouldn’t need anyone to show me how to write a quilt pattern. I have read so many – I even had my preferences in how some were written – and, while it did take some back and forth, I DID FINALLY publish a pattern. In hindsight, it could have been so much easier, and so much smoother. And I would have completed my pattern feeling way more confident in what I was handing over to the publisher.

The Solution

I told my husband I didn’t want to go through that frustration again, or feel insecure with the work I was putting out there. I knew I had to learn how to write a quilt pattern properly. I wanted to improve upon my skills, and ensure that everything I was publishing followed industry standards.

Sometimes when you put it out into the universe – or quilterverse for that matter– you get an answer…

Quilter’s Candy Pattern Writing Course.

I don’t exactly remember where I first learned about the course, but you better believe I signed up on the waitlist immediately. Discovering this filled me with this overwhelming sense of excitement as I knew I was on track with my quilt pattern dreams.

In the Fall of 2021 the eight-week course began. To date this has been one of the best things I have done for myself in my life.

Yes, in my life. 

I went into this course with a purpose and a dream that I could turn quilting into a career. I wanted the specifics on how to write a quilt pattern, and how to learn programs like Adobe Illustrator, and EQ8. But what I didn’t realize was the amount of additional value I would get from all the content. It’s not eight weeks of quilty math, or designing. It’s so much more. 

We went over honing in on your niche, tech editing, block construction, marketing and more. The learning environment was really fun – from the pod groups we were sectioned in, to the live Q&A segments, it was all incredible valuable and game changing. I felt like was part of a whole new quilting community.

Boogie Nights, my quilt pattern I developed in the Quilter’s Candy Pattern Writing Course

These were my people.

I had a similar experience many (many) moons ago, when I was playing roller derby. We rallied for each other. Sure, in roller derby you got knocked down, but most of the time the person who knocked you down was the person helping you back up. The same is for the quilting community. It is a wonderful place to be, and now within the pattern writing course I believe I have found my people again. Quilters who have big dreams, just like me. I can talk the quilty talk and their eyes will light up instead of glaze over – and that is invaluable. This community will rally for you when you release that first pattern, and will be there for all the little questions you inevitably have along your journey. The people I have met within this community have become my friends, and some, even my family.

The Teacher

When you are learning something new – regardless of how enthusiastic you may be about the subject matter – you are ultimately at the mercy of the teacher. Haven’t you ever been super stoked on a course only to have the teacher just suck the life out of it, making you wonder why the heck you signed up in the first place? Yeah? Me too. It’s a shame.

But thankfully that is not the case here. Elizabeth knows first hand what it takes, and is a brilliant business woman. After the course was finished I furthered my education with a mentorship with Elizabeth and I cannot say enough good things about her. 

Elizabeth Chappell of Quilter’s Candy

Elizabeth is an open book, and genuinely wants you to succeed. She gives it her all, and you can feel that from day one. I made it through the eight weeks of the pattern writing course and never looked back. Since then I have released three quilt patterns, hosted one quilt along, been on two podcasts, have co-hosted a challenge, and much more. My dreams keep growing along with the growth of myself and my business. And it all started with the knowledge and confidence I found within Elizabeth’s course. 

The Facts

I am writing this to tell you that you can do it too! If you have quilty dreams of making patterns and carving out your place in the quiltiverse, it can be done. There truly is room for us all and because if I can do it, you can do it too. This is my story and I am telling you the facts for what worked for me. I wouldn’t put my name on something I didn’t believe in, and I certainly wouldn’t be able to write this much about something that I didn’t feel strongly about. 

To learn more about Quilter’s Candy Pattern Writing Course, join my Facebook group; the Retro Quilter’s QCPWC Club:

To sign up for the Quilter’s Candy Pattern Writing Course click the link below:

If you have any questions about the course, feel free to DM me on Instagram or shoot me an email!

2 Responses

  1. In the course, do you learn anything about bookkeeping, taxes, or other business- related sides of writing a pattern? Are there any marketing ideas, helpful software writing formats, and how to make charts and diagrams, etc.?

    1. A little. Not too much because the focus is on learning to write a quilt pattern in Adobe Illustrator and now she teaches In Design as well.

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