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Ombre Fabric Pull Tips

Recently my friend Katie asked me to look over her ombre fabric pull for an upcoming Boogie Nights quilt, and I thought I would share with you some tips for pulling ombre fabrics. 

Use fabric swatches 

Printed panels of fabric swatches are cost efficient, however not always accurate. They are better then nothing for sure, but actual fabric swatches are the most accurate way to choose your fabrics, or use the actual fabric. Check out the difference in this photo comparison.

Take a black and white picture

Once you’ve made your selections, take a photo with the filter set to black and white. You will be able to notice the value of each fabric much more clearly. This is particularly helpful if you’re unsure about a fabric and getting that flow just right. Here you can see there is a flow of light to dark.

Watch your tone!

Undertones that is. An easy way to tell if a fabric is warm or cool is to place it against a warm peach swatch and then to an icy pink swatch. If your fabric looks better with the pink it’s cool, and if with the peach then it is warm. If it’s neutral, then guess what? It’s neutral!

Cozy up

Lay your swatches next to each other. Colors can change depending on its neighbour, so be sure to lay each fabric directly next to each other to see if you still like your selections.

Use a white backdrop

When you’re laying out your choices, be sure to use a white backdrop that is an actual white. This will help to give the true appearance of the fabrics in question. Try not to use cream or off white. A piece of paper or poster board will work great.


Creating a magical ombre pull can take time and revision. Be patient, and keep taking your photos to see where you need to make changes. Once you get it, you’re ready to roll!

Boogie Nights quilt by Katie Brunke @kitschandstitchcottonco

Boogie Nights Pattern by the Retro Quilter

Use these tips any time an ombre look is desired. My Funkadelic and Boogie Nights patterns work beautifully with ombre fabric pulls.

I hope you’ve found these tips helpful for your next ombre make! 

Until next time, keep it quilty friend!


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