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Retro Daisy Pattern Tester Feature Image

Retro Daisy Pattern Tester Parade

Hang on to your seats friends, because these pattern testers did such an amazing job, it’s going to blow you away!

Katie’s Retro Daisy Quilt

Follow Katie on instagram @kitschandstitchcottonco

Katie did a bright a bold baby size Retro Daisy. I love how she plays with a warm color palette for the centres of the daisies and how her hand quilting mimics her background fabric. Notice how her flowers look like they’re 3D? That’s because they are! Beautiful!

Lindsay’s Retro Daisy Quilt

Follow Lindsay on instagram @lindsmayland

I absolutely LOVE how Lindsay’s wall hanging has vintage vibes. Super cute! She added on borders to the sides to fill up the space where it’ll be hung. Just love it!

Liz’s Retro Daisy Quilt

Follow Liz on instagram @henryandetheldesigns

What a stunner!! Liz made an unbelievably cool throw size Retro Daisy. Her retro color palette really plays beautifully with the two toned background. She also stuffed her daisies for that yummy 3D effect. In love with this beauty Liz!

Chelsea’s Retro Daisy Quilt

Follow Chelsea on instagram @belleriverquiltingstudio

Isn’t this dreamy? Chelsea did so many wonderful things with her Retro Daisy quilt, and kept it super classy with a hint of a vintage farmhouse feel. She used Chenille-It around her petals, and I cannot wait to see them fluff right up!

Daphne’s Retro Daisy Quilt

Follow Daphne on instagram @octopurse

Daphne took her baby size Retro Daisy to the next level. These daisies are stuffed, hand quilted and left loose! She had the amazing idea to only sew down the centres of the daisies so little hands hand play (or munch on) the petals. Brilliant and beautiful Daphne!

Genna’s Retro Daisy Quilt

Follow Genna on instagram @wetmountainquiltco

I am absolutely amazed at the creativity that Genna gave her wall hanging. She made each petal scrappy and improv like, just giving this Retro Daisy wall hanging pure artistic vibes.

Emily’s Retro Daisy Quilt

Follow Emily on instagram @emsewsstuff

How fun is Emily’s Retro Daisy quilt!? I love how she switched up each background block for some bold and fun flare. She even used retro fabrics for her daisies and her very last bits of A Blooming Bunch fabrics she had left for a perfect scrappy binding. Retro Fabulous Emily!

Lauren’s Retro Daisy Quilt

Follow Lauren on instagram @sewlosew

Lauren took the opportunity to play with bold color while diving head first into her first applique pattern. And what a gorgeous job she did! It’s super fun and yummy with those candy colors! Lauren also did a mix of machine and hand quilting just for funsies!

Mary’s Retro Daisy Quilt

Follow Mary on instagram @embercraftcompany

Mary went a different direction than the right side out applique method I explain in the pattern and decided to do raw edge applique. She already had experience in raw edge applique and I’m so glad she used it and made her Retro Daisy quilt her own. It’s a classic!

Follow Maggie on Instagram http://www.instagram.com/maggiegracecreative

I love Maggie’s baby Retro Daisy quilt. She played with different values of two colours for her background, giving it a fun, fresh springy type feel. Maggie also quilted her petals with the background first and then decided to applique the centres of the daisies on. Look at all that yummy crinkle!!

Follow Vivian on Instagram http://www.instagram.com/sew.miss.viv

Vivian wow’d me with her Retro Daisy! I mean look at how classy and chic this quilt looks! Maybe because it screams “Chanel” to me. Vivi hand stitched her black background with a light thread to make those stitches pop, and used her signature colour palette. What a stunner Vivi!

All of these amazing and talented creatives made incredible quilts, and I am loving all of the versatility! Please go check out these wonderful ladies on Instagram, you won’t be disappointed.

Get your copy of your the Retro Daisy Pattern now!

Thank you to all of my wonderful Pattern Testers and thanks to you too for all of your support! Keep it quilty friends!


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