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Ric Rac Binding Tutorial

It was only a matter of time before I integrated ric rac with quilting. It’s just such a fun and simple way to add a little extra to what you’re working on. Let me show you how I added ric rac onto my binding for more fun to my finish.

Be prepared

Before diving into all the things, be sure to have a project ready for binding and your binding prepped. Check out various ric rac sizes and consider how wide your binding is when folded over. I recommend a medium or larger size ric rac for binding purposes.

To establish how much ric rac you will need, simply add the total perimeter of your quilt. Yup, just add up all four sides. Take note it will be a different measurement than your binding fabric requirements.

Let’s do this!

First you need to press your ric rac. It’s thick and very well may have been in a package for the last thirty years. Give it a good press. 

Pick a side of the quilt to start on, and starting at the corner begin sewing on the ric rac while lining up the lower ridges to the edge of the quilt. 

When sewing the ric rac on, aim for the bottom of a “bump”. Sew the ric rac all the way to the next corner. 

Do not attempt to miter your corner or fold it. It creates even more thickness, and you run the risk of the corners not being consistent. Instead, simply trim to ric rac flush to the edge of the quilt. 

Adjust to sew along the next edge of the quilt and align the ric rac again to the edge. Continue sewing, repeating these steps until all edges of the quilt have ric rac sewn down.

Binding time

Home stretch: it’s binding time! I preferred in this case to attach the binding to the back and fold over the binding to the front. Continue on with your binding as you normally would.

When securing the binding onto the quilt you can either machine or hand stitch it on. Keep in mind with both options ric rac is thick and you’ll be sewing through a number of layers. So! Go slow! 

Finish sewing the binding and there you have it in all its retro quilty goodness: Ric Rac Binding!

Way to go!

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial! Here is the YouTube video tutorial on ric rac binding as well: Ric Rac Binding Tutorial

Until next time! Keep it Quilty friends!


Pattern used in photos and in video: Poppin’ Posies Pattern

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