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the quilting process

The Quilting Process

The Quilting Process: The Good, the Bad, and the Cozy

When it comes to quilting, you gotta know it’s a LENGTHY quest. Most people don’t knock a quilt out in a day. For me, I am always looking forward to the next step. So if I’m cutting fabric, I’m getting excited about piecing. If I’m quilting, I’m looking forward to binding.

Some folks don’t go through the quilt process like this. I for one dreaded binding for a long time just because I was terrible at it. Now I would have to say the part I absolutely never seem to like is if I have to piece a backing together. My brain is all ready to quilt, so piecing a backing just irks me
every time. I wanna quilt man!

Getting to know more people in the quilting community, I have come to realize people don’t like to cut their fabric either. I am not one of these people. I find it incredibly satisfying to slice and stack my fabrics. Talk about type A personality here!

On the flip side, I think every quilter out in the Quiltiverse LOVE LOVE LOVES picking out their fabrics. Definitely in my top three in the process. Who doesn’t love ogling beautiful fabrics and playing with colour combos? I could do that every day, all day. So fun!

When the time has come to assemble your rows together is a glorious time. All of that hard work on your blocks are coming together now and you’re actually visually seeing it come together! Doesn’t your heart just SWOON like mine?

Since there are so many steps in the process of making a quilt, getting a sense of accomplishment throughout is certainly something that I think is part of my obsession with quilting. And of course when you’ve done that very last stitch and finished; well that’s gotta be a favourite of mine and most too.

Tell me your favourite and not so favourite parts of quilting in the comments below!

2 Responses

  1. I only do machine binding, so my favorite part is the 45 minutes to an hour to attach the binding . . . because then the quilt is finished! I do enjoy piecing the blocks. My least favorite is sewing the blocks together, mostly because I have a small sewing space and I have to clear the desk off to make room for the quilt top.

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