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Where else can I put a quilt?

Summer is just around the corner, and therefore using warm, and cozy quilts in sweltering heat might not float your boat. So how can we have quilts around the house if we’re not necessarily using them? Here are a few suggestions for you..


Retro Daisy quilt by the Retro Quilter

Ok, so there are obviously wall hanging quilts that can be hung up as decor. What about hanging a baby or a throw size quilt? By using a compression hanger, like this beautiful one from Lobo and Llama, you can hold up a large quilt and make a bold statement piece on your wall. Best part is, you can change it to another quilt whenever you want!


Quilt from top to bottom: Retro Daisy, Poppin’ Posies, and Retro Ribbon all by the Retro Quilter

Blanket and quilt ladders are fantastic because you can put MULTIPLE quilts on them! They’re usually fairly inexpensive and can be found in a variety of colors and materials to match your decor. Big fan of the quilt ladder! I may have a couple!


A large basket with a quilt in it just screams ultra cozy vibes, doesn’t it? Depending on the size of the basket and your quilts you may be able to fit multiple quilts in one.


Similar to baskets, but because I’m all about the retro vibes, I’ve added in hampers. My vintage hampers are so fun and surprisingly hold more than you’d think. Sometimes I have them open with a quilt spouting out, and others I’ll have a stack of quilts on top.


Why not? Fold up your quilts and put them on display! Plus they’ll be accessible when needed. Win win!


Retro Ribbon quilt by the Retro Quilter

Of course you can throw a quilt on your couch or the end of your bed for those chilly summer nights. Drape quilts not just on the back of the sofa or chair; but try the arm, or corner and see how you like it.

Where do your quilts reside in the summer months? How do you decorate your home with your quilts? Tell me all about it in the comments!

Until next time,

Keep it Quilty!


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  1. I have an old treadle as an end table. I fold up quilts and set them underneath on the foot pedal. it makes a cute small stack, and I am happy to see them.

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