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Why I Love my Arrow Sewing Furniture

Hi friends! As some of you already know, I am fortunate enough to be an Arrow Creator for Arrow Sewing Furniture. Last summer, I received my Kangaroo and Joey sewing cabinet combo, and one of their famous ergonomic chairs and I thought I’d share with you all the details!


I think the biggest feature to the Kangaroo and Joey cabinet combo is that the Kangaroo, or main portion, expands. So that means when I am working on a large quilt, or even quilting, I now have a surface for the quilt to lay. No more falling on the floor, or maneuvering it all about. And that’s just the backside extending. The Kangaroo cabinet also expands in such a clever way with its top drawer. You simply open up the drawer and insert the table top right on top of it! 

With everything fully expanded you get such support and space when sewing and quilting. The best part is you can put it all back to save space. 


The whole system is moveable via these great castors on everything. There are multiple to make expanding and collapsing the cabinet easy and smooth. The Joey cabinet has castors as well if I want to put it on my right side for a full range of a working station.


At first I was concerned that I may not have enough space within the Kangaroo and Joey combo for all of my stuff. I mean, we as quilters have a decent amount of stuff to have on hand, right? Well, the Arrow Sewing cabinet was able to fit everything, and nicely too. I was so pleased that all of my stuff I had in the two desks I had prior to getting my Arrow Sewing cabinet all fit in with room to spare.


Want a flat surfaced sewing space? No problemo! Arrow Sewing has inserts and custom inserts for flatbed sewing. If that’s not your thing, your sewing machine will be happy on top.

Best Chair Ever

For real! Sitting in any chair for long periods of time can be hard on your body. The ergonomic hydraulic chair seriously helps my body’s fatigue and general soreness. I find the lower lumbar back is particularly helpful for me and my longevity at my sewing machine. Plus, the seat lifts for a bonus secret snack compartment!


Yup. You can get your furniture pre-assembled. Arrow Sewing offers this and man, that’s a sweet cherry on top.

Overall, I can not say enough good things about Arrow Sewing Furniture. The quality is great and the functionality is off the charts. Feel free to use my discount code MAUDE20 for 20% off anything at Arrow Sewing Furniture, and get ready to be really happy with your new sewing space!

Until next time friend,

Keep it Quilty!


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