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Working on that Flower Power!

My latest pattern, the Retro Daisy quilt pattern is a combination of patchwork and applique.

It may sound a little intimidating, especially if you are new to the world of applique, but I promise you: I make the process fun and easy.

Since I started dreaming up quilt patterns I have wanted to make a sixties/seventies style daisy flower quilt. I tried for months to get the shape of the petals just right and then try to translate into a patchwork pattern. 

It didn’t work. 

When I finally realized the way to go was applique, everything changed! 

A Retro Daisy quilt in progress using the two fabrics background option by Maggie Bowman @maggiegracecreative

Up until this point the only real applique I had done was some Dresden Plates. The Dresdens themselves I loved making, and found them easy enough. It was the dreaded circle in the middle I couldn’t stand doing. All the turning in of the edges, and even when I tried the applique foil method, my circles still turned out wonky.

So the question was, how do I make this pattern without all the frustration?

The answer came to me when I was making a tote bag.

If you have ever made a tote bag or two, I am sure you are familiar with the method of leaving a gap in the lining, sew the lining to the bag, and once done you can flip the bag through the gap. This method I refer to as the “right side out method”. 

I applied this to my petals and voila! No more applique headaches! 

The Retro Daisy quilt was born! But the creativity didn’t stop there. I have added in three background options for the beautiful daisies, AND I have given instructions on how to make them 3D. It’s an excellent way to use up all of those batting scraps we all have!

Vivian Doan @sew.miss.viv makes a classic version of her daisies.

There are also four (yes four!) sizes to choose from: Wall hanging, Baby, Throw and Bed sizes. As a bonus the pattern includes instructions on how to make dowel pockets to hang up your wall hanging.

Baby size Retro Daisy quilt in Lysa Flower’s “Let the Good Times Roll” collection.

For the visual learners, (I got you!) there are also video tutorials. I know being the creatives we are, sometimes seeing the process just works better. I feel like this pattern is more for the advanced quilter, however I think a confident beginner would do well too.

I am really proud of this pattern, and am super excited to get it into your hands! The daisies of course can take on any style with the exchange of fabric. Soon I will be posting a pattern tester parade blog so you can see all the variety and further creativity you can take with the Retro Daisy pattern.

The Retro Daisy cover quilt in Ruby Star Society’s “Honey” collection, throw size.

I love this pattern and I hope you do too! Stay tuned quilty friends for more retro quilty goodness!

Keep it quilty!


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